Now is the time! Early Voting Is Here!!!

Despite the best efforts of our elected officials to purge voter rolls, suppress voter registration, and generally make it harder to vote, we have the opportunity to vote for the next 11 days. I know a lot of people think that voting and elections don’t matter. That is only true when we get so oblivious about the world around us that we don’t even care when our leaders lie to us. Critical thinking, logic, and integrity are in short supply in the world. They have been replaced with the single desire of instant self gratification at any cost. I believe this is our biggest problem and there is nothing exceptional about lying, cheating, and stealing to generate wealth. If we can’t be honest with ourselves how can we address the many serious problems facing us? I beg you to get informed with facts, stay informed with facts, and get out and vote your conscious whatever that may mean. It is time for us to think for ourselves and follow our convictions to their conclusions to demand solutions to the chronic issues that have plagued us for decades.

If you decided not to vote or feel so hopeless about society and humanity our leaders will continue to mislead us, take away our rights, and run our livelihoods into the ground. Isn’t your life, future potential, the lives of your loved ones worth the effort to get informed and make a rational informed decision? We can continue to pretend we don’t have to address our real problems or our problems will destroy everything we’ve built and have worked so hard for. It is time for us to grow up and think about more than instant self gratification. We must begin to demand more from ourselves, our society, and our government.

It is hard to know what to believe today. Opinion is submitted as fact and there are no consequences for having bad ideas or lying. I refuse to keep doing the same thing and expect different results. I refuse to accept purposeful ignorance. I refuse to pretend that elected officials don’t matter and that we can’t change things because we don’t have a political action committee.

So let us take our country and government back from the corporations who want to make profit at any cost and will do anything to mold legislation so they can hurt people on purpose to make money. Let us take our country back from politicians who will not explain their specific plans if elected. Let us take our country back from hypocrites who say they want personal freedom but want to enslave woman to their personal beliefs about reproductive rights. Let us take our country back from hypocrites who cry about the deficit while fighting tooth and nail for more tax cuts, military spending, and war. So let us take our country back from those who think it’s exceptional to make people suffer for profit, or will say anything to gain political office, or just don’t have any integrity or character. Let us take our country back from those who believe the world owes us everything simply because we’re American and that we don’t have to work for anything or earn the respect of others.

There is so much wrong in the world. It is very easy to want to give up. But all that has to happen for the most irrational, unscrupulous, misinformed, angry, and afraid people to run the world is for the rest of us to sit by and watch our life be stolen from us then be bought and sold in front of our eyes. Don’t be a sheep. Find your beliefs, share your beliefs, and make a difference!